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Nursing 7 weeks and hurting again. HELP!

Okay I have been nursing now for 7 weeks and He is growing great. The first two weeks hurt so bad but once I got through them it quit hurting. Then I was fine until about a week and a half ago. It hurts when he latches on then when my milk lets down it doesn't hurt anymore but once he has nursed about 5 mins. it starts hurting really bad again. I burp him move the other side and its the same on the other side. He is only nursing a total of 10min a feeding, but is already over 11lbs, so I know he is getting enough to eat.

Also after eating on one side once he has eaten and it starts hurting again I move to the other side b/c it hurts to bad to put him back on the same side. My (parden me) nipple is what hurts so bad. Oh yeah he is taking the whole thing in his mouth too, thats why I can't get why it hurts.

This is my second baby, but my first time nursing. Any suggestions would be great.
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