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Re: how many times does a 3 mo old nurse?

My Ds is 4months in 2 days. We nurse on demand, varies day to day. some times it is every hour sometimes it is 3-4 hours. Night time he sleeps with me so we turn over to switch sides about 3 times a night.

He usually has a long nap (1-2hours) in the morning and another long nap before 6pm. But some days he takes cat naps (15-30mins) after every nursing.
Oh and at night he only wakes enough to latch on and falls asleep nursing so we count that as sleeping through the night. Because we don't actually get up.

Every child is different. My first nursed on schedule 3-4 hours till about 8months when she started solids, and slept all night without nursing.
My oldest ds nursed all the time, he could never seem to get full. and never slept.
My youngest dd nursed irregular every 1 to 4 hours and took one long nap in the afternoon. Stayed up all night.
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