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Re: Lactose intolerant newborn?

Originally Posted by Missah78 View Post
It definitely IS lactose intolerance. She's now 14 months and even 1oz of dairy affects her. We haven't done any tests other than as soon as she was put on lactose free formula she was like a different baby. It's not a milk allergy because she thrived once lactose was completely cut out of her diet.

Sounds like you had a hard time of it and did your very best!! I would discuss your concerns with your pediatrician and a good lactation consultant.
Your next one may be just fine, but I would check to see if there is any tests they can do if you have similar problems since you have a sibling hx. Educate yourself, has some great info, you may need to educate your pediatrican too, many are not up on BFing, and encourage FFing with any problems.. The enzyme drops sound great, you would probably need a prescription for them though.

I do wish you the best with baby #2!!
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