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Re: Lactose intolerant newborn?

Originally Posted by Missah78 View Post
It definitely IS lactose intolerance. She's now 14 months and even 1oz of dairy affects her. We haven't done any tests other than as soon as she was put on lactose free formula she was like a different baby. It's not a milk allergy because she thrived once lactose was completely cut out of her diet.
You can't say it definitely is unless you've had the tests run. It's actually a very rare and genetic disorder to be born fully lactose intolerant, even lactose intolerant babies can usually have breastmilk because even if they're lacking a bit of lactase productivity breastmilk contains it's own lactase which helps ease the digestion, so if breastmilk was still causing lactose digestion issues the baby would have to be making like, none of it's own and have a complete inability to digest it which would be alactasia, and that is so rare that I can bet you it's probably not it.

It could be a number of things, because being put on lactose free formula would remove any number of things that she might have been allergic to or sensitive to from your breastmilk. It's not just taking out the lactose, it's taking out everything. Honestly I'd just suggest getting the tests done, they're pretty quick and easy.

I never think people should self diagnose their children without getting the tests done, especially if you're planning on another child, get your current one diagnosed so that you know what it is and how to treat it if it flares up again with any new children.
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