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I am losing my mind!..... I will admit that things are CRAZY around our house given our financial situation that we are going through, but we try so hard to not let the kids know. I try to stay positive, etc. But it seems that I am losing control!
I am so emotional. I have lashed out at the kids. Ihave yelled alot more. It seems that I have forgotten how to dicsipline!
Both of the girls are disobedient EVERYTIME was ask them to do something, they are "talking back" to us, telling us no, hitting eachother, ....I could go and on! It is chaos!
How do I reclaim my life and my kids! They are MAD all the time and so am I it seems!
I thought if I could just get some sort of scedule down they would "feel" better and therefore "act" better....we have never had one. Maybe this is where the problem stems from. Canyou help me out with one?
I am just at my wits end!

P.S. It has turned into a dangerous situation because since they ignore my "NO"'s and "STOP"'s ....the youngest DD (2) ran out in the street today admist of me yelling and running after her saying "NO" STOP"!!! It is like they are immune to it. Oh by the way, she was not hurt, but still
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