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Re: Loveys etc. questions

Tharen adopted his lovey at about 11months or so. We were out shopping for Christmas and we stopped into a toy shop and bought each of the boys a Jellie Babies toy. They are these stuffed toys with a bladder in the middle that holds water. So they are heavy a jiggle funny. Kearnan wanted a Squirrel and Tharen chose a Fox. I don't know why but he has clung to that fox like it was the most important treasure in the world. It goes everywhere with us. He is almost 2.5yrs now and still toting "Doggie" around. I might have chosen something different, easier to buy duplicates of and easier to wash. He does have a second Doggie, it's bladder got popped by the cat so he doesn't like it quite as well but it will do in a pinch. It can go through the washing machine which is nice. First Doggie has to be hand washed and hang to dry. That takes a while. But he can't sleep without him. He's so attached that I actually got a tattoo of "doggie" to represent Tharen (well it is a little chibi boy holding doggie). To this day my tattoo artist laughs when he sees Tharen still toting doggie around.

Tharen and Doggie sleeping on the couch

The infamous doggie tattoo

Kearnan never had a lovey. He still doesn't. When he was little he used to rub the face of my watch while he fell asleep. But he was never attached to one item. He has a few stuffed friends he really likes, a waldorf doll, a cpk, and a couple build a bear pals, plus a jelly fish amigurumi I made for him. But he can sleep without any of them. He just isn't that kind of attached.
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