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Re: young kindergarten - holding back?

I have the unpopular opinion. Both my brother and I were considered for 1st grade when we were entering kindergarten because of our academic abilities. Both of us were placed in kindergarten because of our social skills. BIG mistake. We suffered boredom academically throughout our academic careers, and never managed to fit in with the other kids anyway. I was 20 before I ever felt like I was comfortable socially. Holding me back wouldn't have helped that. In fact, I recently read an article that said exceptionally bright children who are moved ahead in grade levels often do better socially than they did in their own grade level. And did you know that the top 5% of high school graduates drop out of college at a rate of 40%? Or that we spend 10x as much money on our children who are in special ed compared with those who are in gifted programs?

I simply can not imagine holding my child back who is academically advanced. I know people accuse me of thinking children should be pushed but it is quite the opposite - I have children who have taught themselves, and if I don't provide them the opportunity to use their brainpower, they will get bored and lose their beautiful motivation and love of learning.

You know your child best. Do what's best for your child. Don't listen to anyone else (including me, lol) if it's not what you feel in your heart.

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