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Dairy free diet....

My new DD is almost 3 weeks old, she is spitting up more and more and getting more fussy. Now I have had 3 babies so far with reflux, first 2 we tried medications, didn't help. My 2nd DD was SO colicy (I was told!) I think it was dairy intolerance, she was later on soy milk. My 3rd DD was very fussy, spitty by 3 weeks so I tried the Dr Sears elimation diets, and cutting out dairy made a world of difference. Finally at 20 months she could have regular cow's milk without problems.

Back to this baby....I know all babies are different, however, I am strongly thinking that dairy elimination may help. She has been a very good baby, hardly even cries until now. We eat ALOT of dairy, DH thinks everything needs to be covered in cheese! LOL

I really don't want to have to fix 2 different meals for myself and my family so I need some ideas! I did buy some rice milk to use. I don't think I will drink it but figured it would be good for mixing in stuff....

So, help me out with some good nutritious dairy free ideas!
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