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Re: Dairy free diet....

Originally Posted by MistyP View Post
We eat ALOT of dairy, DH thinks everything needs to be covered in cheese! LOL

Men who eat lots of dairy are at 400% greater risk of prostate cancer than other people, and people who eat the most dairy suffer more osteoporosis, so eliminating dairy from the diet permanently can be a fabulous thing.

I did buy some rice milk to use. I don't think I will drink it but figured it would be good for mixing in stuff....
Rice milk is actually tasty. It's a tad starchy tasting, but it's good, and it's really good to cook with.

You may want to try hemp milk, too. It's a really good, nutritional bang. It's not cheap, though, but when you read the label---WHOOOO, it's just loaded with good stuff, so it makes a person feel a bit better about the price. I drink it all the time--plain, vanilla, chocolate---we've always got some here.

So, help me out with some good nutritious dairy free ideas! has a lot of good ideas and has a nice format.

This place has some ideas:

And this place has good ideas;

Good luck!
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