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Re: young kindergarten - holding back?

Originally Posted by ladylee View Post
I checked out some programs.

I really really want to hold him back but I can't. I have looked at the end of the year testing they do for kindergarten and my son would pass even the end of the year testing with flying colors with both the private and public school. There was one school that was extremely advanced with kids reading 2nd grade books at the end of kindergarten. I don't think they focus on social skills that much, though so I am not going to go that route. Very expensive school as well.

The best option seems to be a private christian school. I will probably put him in 1/2 day kindergarten this year and consider full day kindergarten next year.

There are aides in the classroom and at least two parent volunteers each day. My son actually went to the school and joined in the curriculum. He was about 6 inches shorter than all of those kids but his work was equal to theirs (at least coloring - they were making mother's day cards). He played with them at recess and made two friends already!! The vice principal told me to "hide" to see how he acted if I wasn't around and I was amazed. He fit right in - almost. Some of his conversations are younger, obviously. Some of these kids were two years older. It was amazing to see my son adjust socially with the other kids in just a 45 minute period. He was really paying attention and modeling good behavior. I was literally in tears - proud mama!!

When Nate was leaving, all of the kids said "Bye Nate!" It was so cute. Nate was SO MAD! He wanted to stay and had a little attack about going. I can't blame him. He was having so much fun. I never knew he was so social.

If I could do anything over again and knowing what I know now about my son, I would have never put him in preschool so young. I would have held off and started prek this coming year. That way the decision wouldn't be so difficult. I wouldn't be dealing with a child that has such a huge discrepancy between academic skills and social skills - at least I think I wouldn't. I could be completely wrong.

I have to deal with this again in a few years as my other son has a July birthday - sigh!!

I sounds like you are coming up with some good answers. The private pre-k sounds good. It is a different setting than his preschool, but unlike Montessori it will be huge with social skills and social situation (which seems like your biggest concern for him).

Did you say that you could save your spot at the magnet school for him the next year? Hopefully this won't come off the wrong way - but with a magnet school his "typical peers" might be super bright, working on their own social skills kinds of kids.

It might be a great switch for him just to go 1/2 day there next year - especially if they have all the great enrichment that magnet schools can offer. I think I asked this before, but do you have a full day option at the magnet school? That would be a nice option as well.

Good luck mama!!!!! I think it is especially hard when you work with kids all day. I have already decided that my 18 month old needs EI for speech. We haven't done any evaluations, but I have evaluated him myself in my head and conviced myself.
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