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Re: young kindergarten - holding back?

goldmama - I read a similar (maybe same) research article and that is why I ahve been so confused. I think I got a few plans to help.

The magnet school WILL NOT hold my spot. So very very mad. GRRRR
No full day option at the magnet school. The full day option is at a different school.

I will keep you all updated. I was thinking that no matter what we do, I don't think Nathan will even completely fit in with other kids socially - not completely. I think his brain is just so different. Like goldmama said.

My husband was the gifted kid in his gifted class. He could have skipped several grades but they chose not to. He was always socially awkawrd but I think his level of giftedness was just so high. Nathan is not like that. He is definitely more social.

Thanks all for your help. If you saw me in person, you would see I am the most anxiety stress case regarding this. I read so many darn articles, asked so many people and now I have to make a decision with my husband. It so hard because it is his life.

Homeschooling could be an option later on. A really good option. Will see.
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