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Re: cd's causing diaper rash?

There are some safe diaper creams on the market. I "think" Aveeno is one of them. I've been using the Northern Essence diaper rash salve in the little stick form. We only had 1 rash and it was from teething. It helped the rash and didn't stain at all. Even thogh I've never had a problem with a certin kind.... You sometimes hear about people having trouble with even the "safe" rash creams. So it's up to you on which you decide to use

For liners, you could go and buy a yard of fleece and cut it into strips and lay those into diapers. It will help protect your dipes from rash creams (and poop stains ) and will help wick moisture away from your LO's skin. If you cut them wide enough to stick out the legs of the diapers a tinny bit, the dipes would be really well protected.
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