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Re: Loveys etc. questions

Originally Posted by kissinfish View Post
When did you get your DC a lovey? What did you give them? How did you intro it? Do they still use it?
) THANKS! Sorry for all the ?s - my DD seems to love holding things, and I'm trying to wean her from the swaddle and I think this may work ... )
My kids picked their own lovey. My DS picked a Pooh bear that my DH won at a carnival,plain printed cloth,beany stuffing.After a couple of years of washing and stitching/patching,it looked like a Frankenpooh. My DD started out with a soft silky bound baby blanket,it had to go everywhere with her(pics of her from infant to 7 years old include this blanket).The blanket finally fell apart.She really missed it,one day she happened to find a linen tablecloth that had been washed so much that it was cuddly soft.She adopted that and slept with it until she was 12. You never know your DD my pick the swaddle!Whatever makes them feel safe and loved!
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