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Re: Loveys etc. questions

Originally Posted by Angel3167 View Post
My DD has a few things that are her faves but I don't think she's super attatched yet. She has two ugly dolls.
My kiddo loves his Ugly Dolls too! He has two of the little ones in his crib at all times and several others (including "Ice Bat") strewn around the house. They're so soft and squishy and he loves to gnaw on their ears/antennae/wings/whatever. We call them his "guys".

But his favorite lovey is is Kaloo "Doudou" bunny....which is a soft furry mini-blanket with knots in three corners and a stuffed bunnyhead in the fourth. He's been lovin' on that thing since he was about a month old. At night and naptime, I usually nurse him to sleep and then gently transfer him to his crib. The first thing his does when his booty hits the mattress is to reach for his Doudou and smash it into his face. As long as its within arm's reach, he almost never makes a peep when I lay him down for a snooze.
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