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Angry "You need to wean! It is time!" -Vent

I hear this absolutely every time we are around my DH's family now. It is getting so old! They have been doing this since DD was 6 months old and it is becoming much more frequent and persistant now.

I go into another room to nurse DD so that I don't offend them. Well MIL or GMIL always end up coming in there and giving me a hard time about still nursing DD.

Today we had lunch with them. I went into another room to nurse DD. She was smiling and nursing and cooing. MIL and GMIL come in the room. They can see how happy she is to be nursing and they both started raising their voices and saying "It is time to wean! This is disguisting!" Followed by nasty scrunched up looks on their faces.

It makes me crazy! DS has severe milk protein and egg allergies. DD has already been tested and has allergies to milk protein, egg, fish, and soy. What exactly is she supposed to drink? Am I supposed to switch her to only water, juice, or am I supposed to shell out the big bucks for a hypoallergenic formula just because they think she is too old to nurse? Really what do they expect?

Gah! I just needed to vent to someone who will understand.

Thanks for listening.
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