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Re: A Little Help For A Pumping Mom?

First off, YAY you for sticking with BFing and pumping this long!
I am a FT WOHM that has been BFing and pumping too. I have trouble getting enough because my daughter loves to eat! I have plenty of milk when I am with her, but I just don't respond well to the pump, even though I have a top-of-the-line consumer pump. I have taken fenugreek pills - they seem to make a real difference. The other thing that helped me is squeezing my breasts while pumping - so it's kind of like manual expression and electric pump in one. Also, I had to purchase larger breast shields - that has helped, too.
I'm guessing you've tried all of the classic suggestions - like looking at photos of your LO and trying to relax while pumping...
Oh, but the good news is that now DD is 9 months, and I am pumping pretty much exactly what she is eating! I'll keep my fingers crossed that a similar change happens for you.
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