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Re: A Little Help For A Pumping Mom?

Good for you! I also WOHM FT and pumped twice a day (also went home at lunch to nurse!) at work, for about 9 months, until DS was 11 months old and weaned. (When I got pg) Then he got what was left in the freezer until it was gone...

Anyway - things I did to help keep the supply up...

- eat oatmeal. Even oatmeal cream pies. For some reason it apparently helps.
- Drink LOTS of water.
- Drink the Mother's Milk Tea. (I alternated with water.)
- Lots of Fenugreek
- Extra pumping when possible, especially on weekends. I know lots of women who have a harder time on Friday's, but I had a harder time on Monday's for some reason. After not pumping at all over the weekend, it was like I had to get back into the pumping groove or something.

Good luck to you! I'll be joining you in two weeks......
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