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Re: Green Onion

Yayyy!! We're teething too. We will give this a try. I had never heard that!

Originally Posted by crystalanne79 View Post
Okay, I think I read it deep in a thread on here somewhere but now that I've tried it I want to make sure more people see it. Not sure if this is the right forum..probably not...but it is a solid food.

My DS has had a horrible time teething the past couple of weeks. He is 8 months old and just got is first 5 teeth in 8 days. Yeah, 5 teeth, 8 days makes for one cranky family. Tylenol didn't seem to be working and I was deseperate. I saw on here somewhere and then researched it a little more and apparently it is common practice to give babies an onion when they are teething in Mexico and other places like that. My DS was sitting in his high chair crying and hitting himself in the head over and over again and I grabbed a green onion out of the fridge, cut off the roots and trimmed the top and gave it to him. He right away put it in his mouth and he chewed on it for like 15 minutes straight! He absolutly loved it way more than a teether! I read that the green onion releases something that helps with teething but even if that's not true it distracted him from the pain for quite awhile. He chewed on all parts of it and I sat with him to make sure he didn't break any off. I'm kinda happy he'll be used to the taste of onion as well since we use a lot of it in our food.

So anyways, give it a try. I figure it can't hurt!
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