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began @8 mo w/1st & @BIRTH w/2nd

I will try to keep this as BRIEF as possible but email me if you need help or have questions.

Began EC with 1st child (boy) at 8 months old. We were considered late-starters. Read "Infant Potty Training" by Laurie Bouke. Started out fantastic, used a BBLP. Had lots of strikes/pauses along the way. We started nighttime EC at apx 9 months old and that was awesome, too. Pees were always easier and he was 100% by 18months excluding accidents. Poops weren't really consistent until after 2 yrs old. I was a bit obsessive at first and that hampered the process. I've learned how to be a much more patient person. EC changed our lives forever (for the better) in ways I could have never imagined!

Began EC with 2nd child (girl) from birth. More amazing and natural than you can ever imagine and I HIGHLY recommend it! Held her over a pre-fold (with a lap pad underneath) while nursing because I was afraid to hold her over a potty bowl. But after a week I switched to a plastic mixing bowl with soft rounded edges (we keep several around the house) and that's what we still use (day & night). By 3 wks old she was holding her pee/poop and expected me to be there for her. She is now 2 months old and I will leave her diaperfree at times during the daytime. For peace of mind, I often keep her in FuzziBunz. However, I only use a single layer microterry "doubler" instead of the regular inserts as she only pees 1 or 2 diapers a day (and then she usually only pees a little and holds the rest in until I can get to her). She never poops in her pants/diaper (only skid marks occasionally or little spurts). I can also hold her over a sink or toilet. Now we don't need the potty bowl during nursing sessions either (only at night). Our cue sound is "pssss" then "pee/poop" depending on what comes out. Funny, but I'm starting to feel pretty stupid using a cue. She knows what she's doing and apparently I was the only one who really need any "training"!!!
Occassionally I will speed up the process by dribbling a little distilled water on her girl parts (especially at night when I'm TIRED). That (or maybe a little wipe with a cloth) will also help you know if they are done or if there's more coming out.

If you are starting EC, I don't recommend charting for more than 1 day, if that. Let your instincts take over and NO OBSESSING. R-E-L-A-X & enjoy the ride! Some type of cloth diaper is a MUST (or no diaper at all). Starting from birth is definitely the way to go if you can!

All the Best,
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