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Re: Tired of restricted diet

Goodness, sounds rough.

Hmm, well the first thing that came to mind is Spaghetti with some "no egg" pasta (and no meat). I know its probably not that great compared to homemade, but I get the organic Ragu. Oh, and it sounds strange but to add something to it since I don't eat beef either, I sometimes add some frozen brocolli to my pasta when I boil it.

Refried beans is another fav around here (you can tell we strive for convenience, eh? ). I either eat them with tortilla chips or in a burrito. I know you can't add cheese but you can add tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, etc.

Oh, and what about salads? My sister is a vegan and she eats salad all the time.

Also if you like to eat vegetables, I would stock your freezer up with a bunch of frozen veggies. (That way if your the only one muching on them they won't go bad. And they are better for you than canned.)

Good luck, and yeah, seeing a nutritionist sounds like a good idea to me too!
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