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Re: OMG homework driving me nuts!...

Yah he is only in first grade for heavens sake! and I would preffer for him to do thing sin his room on his desk as he needs to learn to be quiet and work independantly..he is already getting talked to by the teacher about how much humming and chattering he does while he is working...see he has sensory intergration dysfunction so if there is no background noise well then he makes it himself...If i allow him to be at the kitchen table that sets him up to talk to me the whole his room he hums less because I have an air purifier and a quiet cd on at all times...I am gonna have to think of something for the classroom that is not distracting to the other kids but gives him the noise he needs to focus...the new teacher has never dealt with SID kids so she doesn't get it at all and the school we came from was very light on rules and they could humm or chatter as long as the work was being done, it was always noisy in there and that helped him. He said he has to be quiet the whole school this in itself os going to be huge task for him...Well Off to do our reading before bed... Thanks for your reply and suggestions
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