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Re: What do you wish you had?

First and foremost cloth diapers!! Those bf poops are runny and the disposibles do not hold them in!! I also second the nursing bras withOUT underwire. The ones with underwire are so uncomfortable. I also think washable breast pads are the best. They are so comfy and you forget you are wearing them. I wish I would have gotten more of these from the start. I have the ones you can buy at walmart. I would suggest getting at least 10 of these total. If you are not going to be with the baby all the time I would definately suggest a good double electric pump. If you are going to be with your child most of the time and just pump for a few occassions than I highly recommend the Avent Isis. It is the best but I do not recommend this for a lot of pumping as it will not keep your supply up. I know from experience. A good pillow (I use the boppy but it was a little difficult when he was small) for support. I can't think of anything else but this has been a lot already. Oh one more thing. Lansinoh (make sure you have some at the hospital) as many have said but you can just express some bm and rub it into your nipple. Good luck and keep us updated when you have your little one.
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