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Ok, so I'm not normally much of a worrier, but right now I'm at my wit's end. Last week DS had been sick (although I thought it was just teething) and wouldn't nurse much. (And I didn't pump much either) Then I got sick, and wasn't eating/drinking much. Now we're both better, and DS has his appitite back. However, my supply has decreased. He's been wanting to nurse alot, but never seems full afterward, and is fussy. So I started feeding on one side, while pumping on the other to see how much I would get. I have been getting about 1 oz. I've also been giving him what milk we had in the freezer (and pumping if I give him that) to keep him satisified. My concern is that I just dethawd our last bag of milk. I'm worried that I may have to supplement with formula by evening, and I desperately don't want to do that!! ANY advice would be greatly appriciated!!
We also have eliminated dairy, wheat, and acidic foods just in case any suggestions would include consuming something from those groups.
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