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Re: illness, immunity, blah blah blah????

You have already exposed your DS to whatever you have. Most of the time you are most contagious before you show any symptoms or for the first few days of showing symptoms. Either way - your DS is already exposed. If he is going to get sick, nothing will change that now.
BUT continuing to nurse him, you will pass on antibiodies to him (as you begin to make them) and that will lessen the degree to which he gets sick.

My son only ever got sick when I was sick - I wasn't fighting it off well enough for myself, so we both came down with it. But his was so mild in comparison and he bounced back way faster than I did.

BFing while sick may not be fun - but it is totally do-able. In fact, I continued to BF my son while suffering a case of food poisoning!

hope you feel better soon!
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