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Help me with my non-sleeping, cranky daughter!

My daughter, Kyla, has always had a mind of her own. She is and always has been a very needy baby, which isn't a big deal as I wore her anyways when she was younger! Now that she is older (only 8 months) she will not let me use the sling or the snugli with her, I have to carry her everywhere, which gets quite difficult when I am trying to do something like dishes or cooking! She has also gotten in a habit of waking herself up by rubbing her feet together VERY hard. There is nothing I can think of to make her stop. I rub her feet for her softly, thinking that maybe it was a habit or her feet were itchy or bothering her or something, but it helps only for a few minutes then she is screaming again, and she does it while nursing, while she is sleeping, whenever. Her naps last 45 mins tops. She doesn't sleep the night through, isn't even close. The minute I close my eyes to go to sleep, start the shower/bath, go to switch laundry, ANYTHING, she is up screaming bloody murder. She has always been a screamy baby, but now with DH being gone, I am finding it hard to enjoy a shower because she is screaming in the stroller outside of the shower! Yes, she is in the bathroom with me. I have tried bringing her in with me, but she hates that. My son was such a good baby, and still is a good kid, Kyla is taking everything out of me. I need a new suggestion. She sleeps with me for the majority of the night, I put her in her crib if I know I am going to have to go do something like laundry or a shower, but she knows when I lay her down.

Any suggestions at all?? I will try anything!! Thanks mamas!!
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