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Eczema on the nips?

Anyone have it, or know anything about it?

My nips are still so sore all the time after 10 weeks- I'm currently on diflucan as is DS so I know it's not thrush, plus it doesn't feel like thrush. It just hurts. Burns a little, but not thrush-like. They are really red, not shiny, but are very moisturized and not dry at all. I can't figure out what's going on. His latch isn't always perfect due to my large size and flat nipples, but we've done CST and seen lactation consultant weekly who says his latch is fine- tongue in right position, not tongue tied, getting plenty of milk, etc.

I've tried lanolin, mother love thrush cream, earth mama nipple butter, many antifungals, all purpose nipple cream, olive oil, coconut oil, WHAT ELSE?! I can't figure out what it could be besides eczema?!
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