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Re: Virus and Formula Supplementation?

Follow your Mommy instinct!!! I'm ALWAYS suspicious of the peds! If you want an honest answer call the hospital where you delivered and speak with one of the lactation consultants or call your local lelache(sp?) support person. Just go online and you will be able to find the local person in your area this was a huge support to me with all of mine! My personal advice is NURSE NURSE NURSE!!! If he's still hungry then suppliment(I had to do this with my last baby until my milk was regular and growth spurts make them extra hungry too!) The normal rule of thumb is to nurse both sides for at least 10-15 minuts and if the baby is still hungry then suppliment until your milk supply regulates. Also make sure you are nursing every 2 hours...I was not nursing often enough because he was a sleeper and that didn't help either. BUT like I said ask the experts NOT the PEDS! Blessings, Keri.
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