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Re: Supplementing and diaper washing routine

Originally Posted by mkekaty View Post
I've met with two lactation consultants and am pumping as well as nursing on demand. I was told that my milk is not "fatty" enough and that supplementing with ebm and formula will help get him back to birth weight. He eats until he is full and has the right amount of diapers in a day...he's just gaining weight slowly. I also started taking "More Milk" to boost my milk supply, so hopefully that will help and in a week he will be where he needs to be for me to stop with formula. My ped recommended doing formula last week after feedings, but I wanted to try one more week on just bm...but with little luck
I was very fortunate. When my DS was gaining very slowly, our pediatrician took a good look at him. He could see he was developing well, wasn't jaundiced, was getting enough to eat. And he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Some kids are just slower to gain than others." And left it at that.

If everything but the number on the scale is on target, I wouldn't supplement. I would nurse on demand, and make it a point to feed him at least every 3 hours, if not more, even overnight, even if he's sleeping soundly.
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