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Re: Need a pump for "a little here and there"

I've been renting a hospital-grade Medela Symphony but, at $45 a month, I realized that I could've bought a PISA with the amount I spent in the past 7 months. D'oh!

I'm also a "here and there" occasional pumper. I don't really need the ability to pump both sides at once. And I'm not really concerned about doing it as fast as possible or anything. I didn't want a manual pump, though. I'm too lazy to sit there and squeeze the trigger over and over. So, I just ordered a Medela Swing...which is a battery-powered single pump that supposedly has the same power as Medela's expensive double pumps. has it on sale for $129.99. Haven't gotten it yet, though, so I can't say whether it works as well as the fancy one I've been renting. But it seems to get pretty good reviews from other moms.
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