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Re: any "raw foodists" on here

Sorry I was without my computer for a week. Thank you for the compliments. I have lost another 10 pounds and I feel great. It has been so easy for me to keep it up because of the progress I have had with my health and my weight.

Originally Posted by lunamama3 View Post
Wow, I was just gonna ask the same question! I went raw for about 5 months starting last March. I got preggo though unexpectedly(I suspect my super healthy diet and overall positive vibe on raw made me really fertile!!?) and my palate couldn't hack my greens and fruits or even the nuts about 7or8 weeks in. so sad! I went crazy overboard though eating stuff i didnt really even eat before raw due to wheat intolerance,etc... Needless to say I put on the most weight this pregnancy and now find myself miserably trying to get the weight off and feel GREAT again!! I think raw was the best I ever felt and looked to boot! I wore a bikini all summer for the first time....ever maybe!!?? So here I am on nday 2 of my transition back to raw. On the fence about the detoxing theories and breastfeeding. Anyone here in the same situation?? This could be a good thread for ideas. Sorry for the long intro, the answer to your question would be yes! Raw foodist here!
I am breastfeeding my 5 month old and twins. I went from low to medium raw to almost 100% within a week and none of them have had any issues other than dry skin and that is improving. I make sure to eat some avocado and nuts on an almost daily basis for fat though. That helps with the dry skin and the milk.

Originally Posted by KaleidoscopeEyes View Post
I can't eat high frutose fruit and veggies so it would really limit what I can eat. I can't even eat carrots, I feel so lethargic and gassy.
Are you diabetic? Alot of diabetics are healed by eating 100% raw.
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