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Re: Nutritional value of paper?

All of my kids have wierd eating thingies. All 6 of them, (well, not Dakota... hes only eating baby food...)

My oldest will not eat a potatoe. No baked potatoes, no potatoe chips, no mashed potatoes, etc... but lives on french fries..... hes 17

My middle boy (hes 11) will not eat corn, but will gobble corn on the cob.

My daughter hates tomatoes. Will not touch them or eat anything they have touched, but lives for ketchup, and tomatoe soup.

My youngest son hates anything mashed.... potatoes, applesauce, etc. If its baby food like texture.. he wont eat it. I tried once to force him to taste mashed potatoes... he won... he vomited in his plate. Oh yea, he hates lettuce too, but loves salad night (we have salad night once a week), and makes a salad with everything except lettuce.

I on the other hand have wierdness too. I can not eat food that touches, and only eat one thing at a time. example...... rice, beans and meat... I will eat the rice, then the beans, then the meat... not mix them.

I say... to each their own.
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