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Toddlers at the state fair?? re strollers and crowds

I just sold my mei tai and my hotslings, but now I am thinking that I might need to carry my DD some at the fair. I don't know if she would like sitting in her stroller at the fair with all of those crowds.

I'm wondering if I would be better off borrowing an Ergo to use for the weekend. I'm regretting selling the mei tai right now b/c I think that I could use it next week, but not really that much after that. My local baby wearing group has a lending library so I'm wondering if I should see about borrowing a mei tai or an Ergo for the fair. I just have to pay a deposit and then I'll get it back when I return.

Or should I just go ahead and buy an Ergo? I'm wondering if I would use it more than I did my mei tai?
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