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Re: 9 month old biter!

We are going through this with our 2 year old. He has bitten, pulled our hair, and scratched all of us and has been especially aggessive at church and our homeschool coop with 3 other little boys and a girl that are all his age. He has really beat them up to the point of bleeding. He does not give any warning signs usually and just attacks. Very frustrating and sad. We have stopped taking him to church and just avoiding the whole situation all together. When it comes to that type of violence, we decided that it wasn't worth trying to take him to church and having other children be hurt and observe his bad behavior to mimic. We have let everyone be aware of it and have very supportive friends, thank goodness!!

My friend told me to bite him back too, and that she did this with her son, but now her son is acting out again some too. I think it is hypocritical to say no bite and then bite them. I think Dr. Sears' article is very good about aggresive behaviors. Someone else on here told me about it. It is very helpful. I have tried #6 in this link about taking your sons arm and pressing it calmly and firmly against his OWN teeth as soon as he bites, to show him how it hurts others. This seems to have helped some. My son gave me a horrified look when I did this the first time and did not enjoy himself at all. Just remember to do it calmly and matter-a-factly and if you can't do it without anger, then don't do it. My son will laugh when I give him a time out or if I tell him not to bite. I've noticed the best thing to do is isolation immediately after the incident from other children and also to avoid situations. Hope all ends soon for us both!!
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