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Re: Man, why does she have to cry ALL the darn time?

Originally Posted by escapethevillage View Post
Just an extra thought.

I have one day care girl who as an infant was absolutley the most high maintanance kid I have ever seen. She could cry her day away.

By four months, I noticed that she liked TV, especially Tele Tubbies, and Baby Motzart. BUT, she also would calm down if I dressed her in NOTHING but a diaper and the softest blanket in the world. She liked a heavy blanket with some weight to it. (I laid her in the stroller to watch tv)

As she got older, her preferences for how things that DARE to touch her body became more obvious. And sounds. She HATES sound. So, in a quiet room, with nothing but a diaper and the television (She liked country music videos too) she could "Chill out".

She obviously has sensory issues, and once we understood that (FIVE years later) we are more able to deal with her problems. She is easily overstimulated, she doesn't do well in a crowded room. Disneyland to her is Disney Hell. But, in her "perfect enviroment" she is the most wonderful kid.

She MUST wear very soft clothes, that don't have elastic in the wrists, neck or ankles. He socks are a nightmare, she sleeps in no Jammies, but she is much better (mostly) It just took understanding her problems, then respecting her need to wear only a few certain things. She lives in one Hannah Anderson dress. The same dress over and over.

Have you tried letting her sleep in a super soft t-shirt and a sleep sack instead of PJs?

Have you tried letting her sit in a stroller in a dark quiet room and let her watch an interesting baby movie? She may be far too young to enjoy the Baby videos, but it is worth a try.
Intersting that you say this...because Emma is the only baby I know who gets SOOOOO happy when she is out of clothing! Its weird. I havnt really let her just be in a diaper for fear she will get too chilled. Ive always heard that babies have a hard time holding in body heat until closer to 6 months old.
And TV isn't something that we plan on doing with our kiddos...but maybe I will try some music or something. Good idea.
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