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Re: Defining EC for people who haven't heard of it.

I EC'd my first child (boy) from 8 months old (we were considered "late-starters"). We had immediate successes but encountered the expected challenges of trying to UN-train a baby that had been diapered-trained for 8 months.

I EC'd my second baby from BIRTH and I HIGHLY recommend trying to catch those very first pees/poops (meconium). Do not be intimidated. You are responding to your baby's instinct to eliminate away from where they lie and reinforcing their natural desire to stay dry and clean. Every day you and your baby will learn more about each other's timing, needs and signals (as long as you are consistant). By 1 to 2 months old we are able to catch 100% of our daughter's poops/pees (IF, I'm attentive, that is). It's hard to be THAT attentive but she is willing if I am able! Making a cue sound has become mostly unneccesary. It's just expected of me (to take her diaper off to "go").

Good Luck to ALL!!
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