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Re: Man, why does she have to cry ALL the darn time?

I've only glanced at the replies but you are not alone. DS and DD were both horribly colicy with reflux-- DS was the typical sling and rock with white noise kid.

Ashley hit the breaking point for me at 3 weeks-- made me want to poke my eyes out and pull my hair out. She has tons of food sensitivities-- milk, soy, we suspect wheat/gluten, eggs. If you're BFing, do a complete elimination diet and give it 2-3 weeks to work out of your system.

Ashley hated clothes and stil is super sensitve about anything binding or tight, loves to be naked, so I would lay a big thick wool blanket on the ground, then a cotton sheet on top of it and she'd be naked and happy.

She also hated to be reclined-- we had a bouncey seat from DS that was a lifesaver with him but she hated it, so we bought two others to see.... waste of money! She loves to be upright- put her in an exersaucer earlier on because she had decent head support-- loved it. Amazed me! Same with the Bumbo seat for short periods of time.

She was super sensitive to smells-- our clothing, the cleaners we used-- if anything harsh smells agitated her. She would go nuts with lingering cigarette smells from family memeber. Same with perfumes.

She hated ring slings and pouches but wraps were golden, and now my mei tai-- its' being upright. Seems to be part of everything. Until recently I probably wore her for more hours a day than not-- but it was what we had to do for our sanity.

She likes being outside, the leaves on the tree fascinate her so we'd play outside under a tree and she'd be happy.

(((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) It will get better, you will figure it out.
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