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Re: Reactive airway disease?

Originally Posted by rxmommy View Post
Anybody have a DC diagnosed with reactive airway disease? What do they do to treat it??

My 6.5-month-old is on her 2nd course of antibiotics and has already had pneumonia once. Her lungs sounded horrible and she's been coughing for 2 weeks now. I had her checked out right away when she started coughing, chest x-ray and all, and she was fine then. So it seems she just can't fight this stuff and it gets into her lungs. NP mentioned the possibility of reactive airway disease, or even pertussis (I think unlikely). Nebulizer treatments do seem to really help. My older dd has allergies and takes medications and is also coughing (but nothing wrong with her lungs). I feel bad for my girls and I'm really nervous about RSV and the flu!
SAME EXACT THING here with DS! He's now 11 months, and we haven't had ANY trouble since the last flare-up in June/July. He does have a cold right now, and I'm watching him extra-carefully, but so far, "just" a bad cold.

Hugs, mama! I know how scary it is when your little one can't breathe right!
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