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Re: Trouble Pumping in the Middle of the Night

I'm just glad to know I'm not the only one. Thank you for the suggestion. I will try it. I can't get anything out if I pump after nursing dd on both sides int he morning, and she DOES usually want to nurse on both sides. As an experiment this morning, I tried nursing her for longer on both sides...even though she had slowed down visibly on that side as if she wasn't getting much, I just kept her there and encouraged her to keep sucking. She was okay with it, but I do want to make sure she's getting enough, so it makes me nervous to do that. I then pumped the other side and got 4 oz that she will have later today for lunch with "solids".

Originally Posted by griffin042504 View Post
I pump for daycare too and I do have this issue as well. The only suggestion that I've found that really helped was to drink a can (or large cup) of gatorade or something like that right before bed. I also drink a cup of it when I'm done pumping. It seems to help with rehydrating and I'm seeing that I can get 4 oz out during the night (1-2 am) and then be full again in the AM. I try to pump after dd finishes her morning session and surprisingly can get another 3-4 oz this way.

Maybe trying that?
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