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Re: Man, why does she have to cry ALL the darn time?

I've been there sweetie, and yes it can get really overwhelming some days. I'm praying for better tomorrow, and hopefully you can find some calming techniques or at least some help with the walking! My ds was like this, well don't freak out, but for almost 9 months. He got better around 6 months, but still just wasn't a happy baby. I changed everything I thought would help, and read all the books, and talked to everyone I knew, and had three pediatricians. .. nothing worked but walking & singing to him! My parents were 5 minutes away, so every other day mom would come over so I could shower, and then we would go to her house for dinner. I didn't do any housework, and when he would sleep I would sleep. . .dh was working 2 jobs and we never saw him, and when I did, I gave him ds to walk.

Not a fun time in our lives, however ds is a happy toddler, very social now, interacts easy with kids and adults and his expressions and or actions have me laughing daily. DD has been a breeze in comparison, however when she has a fussy time or day I have flashbacks of ds and feel like I'm going to have a mental breakdown.

If you want to talk, feel free to PM me because sometimes just knowing someone has been through it can help. I never found anyone who had a baby with "colic" that lasted 24 hours a day when I was going through it, maybe it would have helped.
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