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Re: Need Advice-DD won't drink formula out of a cup

Sounds just like my ds. He is now going to be 16 months, and guess what? He still takes his formula from a bottle, and I dont care. He drinks everything else from a cup, and can even drink his brothers stuff out of a straw. He gets up in the morning, and the first thing he wants is his tummy full, which he chugs an 8 ounce bottle to do that. At night, he wants his bottle before he goes to bed, he drinks that in about 5 minutes (although he now holds his own bottle, but didnt do that until around 12 months). The rest of the day, I always have a sippy cup available with water. Is it really that horrible? No.
I did have one thought, maybe they cant really taste formula when they drink from a bottle, but in a cup they can, and may not like it?
Eh, there are worse things we could do than give our kids a bottle after 1 year.
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