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Re: ages and food

Actually, solids should not be started until baby is ATLEAST 6 months of age. The baby's gut closes somewhere between the age of 4-6 months and since you don't know exactly when it is safest to wait until 6 months. Otherwise you greatly increase the risk of food allergies.

Also, baby should meet the following developmental milestones:

* sits UNsupported .....all by themselves
* has pincer grasp
* shows an interest in eating food rather than just
* grabbing at food as a toy.
* watches intently as you or another adult eats

BM of formula should be the MAIN source of nutrition the first year. Solids are for introduction and experimentation.

The baby should have no more than 1 "meal" a day until 9 or 10 months, then add in a second "meal" and a third "meal" shouldn't be added until after baby turns 1 year old. This helps make sure baby isn't getting too many solids.
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