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Re: Need Advice--Should I use Flushable Liners in CD after introduing solids?

We started using BioSoft flushable liners when DS had to switch from breast milk to formula due to allergies -- the poo is just more "solid" than before. I found that using the liners helps prevent stains on the dipes so I don't bother soaking them anymore (use less water).

We haven't had any problems with flushing the liner. Just let the liner with poo sit in the toilet water for a while before flushing. Actually, I let it sit there until I have to use the toilet, so I don't "waste" a flush. And since I use family cloth, it's the only thing that gets flushed down, so there's low chance of blockage. Obviously, careful if you have old pipes or (probably) a septic system.
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