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Re: Cute moment with DD... see the pic!

too cute, pb!!!!

my 4 yo daughter does the same thing with her baby - once, as I was getting ready to take babelet to a LLL meeting, we had this conversation:

dd: where are you going?
me: penelope & I are going to a boobie-snacks meeting, where all the ladies bring their breastfeeding babies.
dd: oh, i HAVE to go. I just CANNOT get melody penelope (her baby) to eat! I read all these books, and I try and try, but I just CAN'T figure it out!!

(and yeah, you guessed it - mama was reading lots of books, trying to improve the tiny one's latch - what a mirror!!!)

she proceeded to bring her baby, sit quietly, and breastfeed throughout the whole meeting. too cute.
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