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Re: Strange question maybe??? from an adopting bfer

using some olive oil on the pump horns to reduce friction (I know you said you're not sore but why risk it, yk?) and investing in larger horns should help. For now, when you notice your nipple rubbing, stop the pump and reposition it. That should help a little but if you're just too big, you're just too big.
Here's a link showing the flange sizes- you can shop around to find a better price than the amazon links, this is just one of the first sites I came across when I searched.

Yahoo groups has "pumpmoms" I think it is, and a lot of women are exclusively pumping on that list. They have tons of tips and even if you just join to read you can learn so much!
Heres the link

I would probably clean the pump daily if you're not producing yet. But hopefully you'll be needing to clean it more soon

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