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Re: Strange question maybe??? from an adopting bfer

Originally Posted by lyra1977 View Post
Hi! I'm trying to induce lactation and I have a pump on hand and domperidone on order. I have a couple of questions about my pump for those of you with experience. I have the Medela Lactina, purchased on ebay.

Question #1: when I pump with it (and I want to clarify that I am not yet producing any milk, and my baby has not yet arrived either) I notice that it seems to pull my nipples out of shape. OK, I don't know the correct terminology for the tip of the nipple where the milk comes out, but I would think that that part of my nipple should be being sucked in and out in the center of the pump cups and instead after a minute or so of pumping that tip of my nipple is rubbing up against the side of the cup and then after pumping my nipples look misshapen. Is this normal?!?! It's freaking me out. I do have Lanisoh that I use after every pumping and only rarely do I have any pain at all, when I dial up the pressure a bit too high. Any advice?

Question #2: How often do you think I need to be cleaning the pump since I'm not gathering milk with it yet?

Thanks for your wisdom, in advance!

I wanted to say good for you Momma!!

And for the cleaning part...get a large zip-lock bag and store your horns and bottles in the bag in the refrigerator and do one throrogh cleaning once a day, this goes for when you are making milk too! The refrigerator works to keep the germs/bacteria at bay. It's good if you have to pump a lot, like when you are trying to induce. You might want to run the horns under a little warm water before you pump with them otherwise!

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