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Re: Pinning challenge! :D

Originally Posted by mommysings3 View Post
I had a set of pins, my first set, that I got online. They weren't dritz, I don't know what they were but they wouldn't go through fabric well at all. I tried soap and the oil in my hair with no luck. It really confused me why ppl would say how great pinning is, I nearly bruised my fingers trying to get the darn things through and it took forever! Then I got my first set of dritz pins and low and behold, magic. The pins just glide through and I found the pinning love.
I quoted this post once already, but felt the need to quote it again. I just don't know what's up w/ the pins I have. They are diaper pins, they have the locking head and the curviness, etc. But I did go ahead and finally order some dritz pins this weekend. I had been thinking about this post since I first read it, and you finally "talked me into it."

Originally Posted by mommysings3 View Post
You can do it, don't give up yet mama, just use the snappis whenever you are too frustrated to try. I really recommend the dritz or gerber pins and until you can try with those maybe just wait. As for getting the fit I've had to get comfortable with the fact that when I'm putting it on her I'm going to have to make it tight, really tight so that when I take my hand out it's just right. I've never gotten it too tight but I have made it too loose. Also, tucking the legs after it's on good and tight helps with containment. But if you're not enjoying it and snappis make you happy keep going with those.
I ordered some Dritz pins yesterday so when these get here, I'll have to give pinning a try again. I hope it works out.
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