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Re: Cow Milk Question....

First off, do you have any family history of milk allergies or lactose intolerance? If you do, then the longer you wait to introduce it, the better! And the longer you b/f, the less chance she'll have of allergies, or at least it will lessen their severity. I've heard it suggested in a lot of places that waiting AT LEAST a year is good policy for dairy products...she's getting the best stuff from you, kwim? No need to rush the other.

Chances are very slight that she would completely refuse to nurse...if she did, it would probably be a nursing strike and not weaning anyway. Most likely she'll slowly and gradually eat more solids and nurse less.

If you'd like to start helping her learn to use a cup, why not pump some breastmilk for her and give it in a sippy? Or, plain water. We add a tablespoon or so of non-sweetened fruit juice sometimes for some flavour. Oh, and I found that both of my boys had the best success with a straw-style sippy cup -- and it's supposedly better for their oral development.

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