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Re: SICK & TIRED of...

Originally Posted by lacted
Also, most sellers use to filter through people's feedback to see if they should sell to them or not. Go there - it's a GREAT site!
Great site! I will definitely run this on any ebay merchants prior to transactions from now on. Here's Jens Neg FB:

When I purchased from little lambs back on 3/25/06, the only issues I noticed (of course I didn't look an all her feedback) was slow shipping. I'm a patient person and was willing to wait and overlook that issue, however, the goof ups in the qtys, wrong colors and failing to honor her refund policy appears to be a more recent issues.

The issues little lambs is having is almost assuredly due to being "in over her head" or just greed. Either way, her behavior shows her true colors or being unethical as well as poor planning and not true to her word (guarantee).

Please continue to post in the following thread, as I've link it in my complaint email to the AZ State Attorney Generals office to crackdown on this merchant.

Remember, an educated and MOTIVATED consumer can be a powerful force.


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