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Re: Need Advice-DD won't drink formula out of a cup

ya.. my daught. is not a big drinker from a cup except lately since the weather is hot now. My daught. doesn't do bottles because she went from the breast to a regular cup.
When she was younger and I was giving her the baby cereals, the only way I could get a significant amt. of formula into her was by adding it to her cereal.. but she's a bit too old now I think for me to continue buying baby cereal and yours may be too.
I have found, they will drink if they are thirsty. Luckily, I've had the breast to fall back on but the truth is you can't force them so I would say offer a cup of milk (cows milk can start at 1 year of age- whole milk, and i discovered you want to get the milk with 150-160 calories < 3.8%, 3.25%, and Homogonized vitamin D milk> at every meal time (at least 3 meals per day, and snack time) .
You can also give cheese (mozerella, cheddar), and whole milk yogurt (Nancy's brand plain honey) for added calcium and healthy too.
You could also mix in milk to oatmeal, or stews or other foods you make for her.
good luck!
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