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Unhappy I guess daycare wasn't the right choice for us. :(

Andrew has picked up his very first cold and I KNOW it's because he was in daycare. I noticed on Thursday night his nose was congested... When I took him to daycare Friday morning, I noticed another child hacking and coughing and I immediately asked the caregiver what is their policy on sick children entering daycare.. She said that child has 'allergies'.. all of them have snotty noses right now due to the high pollen count. Ok so Friday night he still has a stuffy nose and begins coughing in the night.. yesterday morning he wakes up with a fever and hacking and coughing.. yeah, right, allergies! I don't think so! Grrr! This is the one bad thing about daycare centers, your kids will bring home anything and everything!
Now I feel bad for even taking him. It was never a 'have to' thing.. he is just so bored here and loves to play with other kids. I really felt a couple hours a day twice a week would really be beneficial, but this sucks that he's sick!
Besides, I'm a little annoyed at how this center is set up.. The girls that are working there can't be more than 18-19 yrs old and you can totally pick up that they are there strictly for a paycheck. They don't enjoy what they are doing and it shows. To them it's just a job. I heard one comment to the other about one child that was 'whining again' and they both rolled their eyes. I really want Andrew somewhere that they take pride in what they do. With people that enjoy working with children. I'm not saying that kids that are 18-19 yo aren't 'capable' of doing this, heck a 50 yo may not be capable of doing this.. but, I do feel the maturity level of most young adults isn't what I'd like to be watching over my toddler. I tend to like more mature individuals with some experience in this field...Tomorrow I will be seeing what I can find other than daycare centers.. maybe they have mothers day out here local somewhere, or maybe a weekly meeting day for toddlers/preschoolers. Ok.. whine over.. thanks to whoever makes it this far reading.
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